One Day After The Gujarat Earthquake

As I mentioned in my previous post, the only best thing about the earthquake were the holidays we got. Then after a week, when I went to school, something interesting happened.
On the first day in school after the holidays, during the morning assembly, it was announced that children of all the classes upto 10th should be given some practice to move quickly out of the classroom in an organized manner, as a precautionary measure against possible tremors and earthquakes.
So, during our first period, the class teacher herself said, "I don't think you people need any such practice, do you?"
We replied, "No Ma'am" in unison.
Actually we were a class of only 10 students and we were in 8th class.
Later that day, after lunch break, we played volleyball during our games period. By mistake one of us served the ball in the wrong direction and with great amount of energy that the ball went and hit the roof of one of the classrooms beside the volleyball court. I don't remember who it was but perhaps it was Amit (He was a big fat guy). Since the roof was a thatched roof of asbestos, the roof vibrated and the impact of the ball made rumbling sound. The ball bounced a few times on the roof before moving down the thatched roof and hitting the ground. But the damage was already done.
The students studying in that classroom thought that the vibration and the rumbling sound was an earthquake and so left the room in a haste and not quite the way they were taught to. We could hear the falling of benches and desks and footsteps quickly moving out of the room. Hearing the adjacent class leaving the room, the classes beside them also left their rooms and came outside.
It didn't take the teachers too long to realize what had happened. They did scold us for what we had done, but the incident was really hilarious. I later laughed a lot about the incident.