Attack of the dogs

I was tired, but I wanted to practice jogging on front part of my foot, so I started jogging. It was almost dinner time and the ground was lit by the street lights barely reaching it. After covering half a circle of the ground between NBH (New Boys Hostel) and OBH (Old Boys Hostel), I heard barking sounds of some dogs from the area near OBH, and I think I was about 100 meters from them. I stopped, realizing that maybe the dogs didn't like my jogging there and were barking at me because the barking sound was directed towards me. I had a similar experience once early morning while jogging on the same ground, so had to jog on the road instead. I jogged back to the area near NBH and jogged there, covering a relatively smaller circle. Fully exhausted, I started walking back towards my hostel, OBH, when I heard the barking again, only this time I knew they were directed towards me because I saw about five dogs advancing towards me. For a second there, when I saw the two black dogs advancing towards me with a decent speed, I heard myself say, "O God, this is it. I'm dead."

It must have been a friday. Doesn't matter really. 6 pm on a sunny breezy summer evening, we were practicing karate. Following our teacher's instructions, we were doing some basic stretching exercises.
"Wo dekho, Mux abhi aa rahaa hai. (Look Mux is coming now!)" Ninja exclaimed. Many turned, they must have. I continued with the exercise. When I heard Mux shouting, I turned back to look.
Mux was on the ground, trying to push himself away from the two puppies advancing at him. Mux was shouting and was clearly very scared. The puppies turned away and left him.
He joined us for the exercise but was worried about his bruises. Our teacher suggested us not to run away when a dog is after you, but stand still and there's a good chance they won't hurt.
Later that evening, Mux met me while I was walking towards the lab.
"I'm really embarrassed by what happened today. I felt so helpless!"
"Hey, relax! You freaked out, it happens. I'm sure others won't freak out so much," and then I started giggling, "but everybody gets scared."
"I was scared out there, I feel embarrassed now and you're laughing at me now. Arre kuch sharam kar (have some shame). Jab tere saath aisa hoga tab pataa chalega. (When you'll experience such an incident, you'll realize my agony)."
Mux picked up some stones and from the other side of the wall of the ground, threw some stones towards the dogs sitting in the middle of the ground.
"A few dogs bothered you and you're targeting all the dogs! That's not justified."
"That's because I can't see those two black puppies now." He giggled and added, "But I'm telling you, I'll kill those bloody dogs if I get a chance."

For next few days, I laughed a lot about Mux's reaction that day when puppies barked at him. His reaction was normal and expected, but the way he shouted was really hilarious, so couldn't help laughing. And Mux cursed me every time I laughed at him, that such a thing would happen to me too.
"Kameene, bhagwaan kare tere saath bhi aisa hi ho." (You rascal, I wish you experience the same.)

A few days later, one morning, I saw this dream. It really scared me.

And now, tired and exhausted, as I walked towards the OBH, I saw the two dogs barking wildly and advancing towards me, and few other dogs from the other side. I realized how weak and vulnerable I was, and helpless even with all those karate moves I had learnt recently! I could visualize those dogs biting me and ripping my skin apart. I wanted to shout for help but I dismissed that as a silly thought.
I heard myself say, "O God, this is it. I'm dead." The black dogs had come very close. I took few steps back. My first instincts were to run, but I remembered my karate teacher's advice and didn't. I looked at the two black dogs and kept my mind blank. The dogs stopped, took some steps back, and then went back to where they had been sitting.
Phew! Near escape! I took a deep breath. They didn't hurt me, but they did assert that the half of the ground near OBH was their area for the night. I walked towards NBH, then took a U turn to walk back to OBH.