My first scooty slipping experience

Slipping is a surreal experience. One moment you're in a normal motion, fully aware and assured, and the next moment, something makes you lose balance and you're leaning to left or right or front or back, trying to regain the balance but many a times you can't, and you fall. And all this time you know what was going on, but it all happens in a few seconds and before you can think about it, you're on your ass on the floor or ground.
I've always been watchful for banana peels on the road and water on the floor after I saw people slipping in movies, tv shows and heard of it in stories. Perhaps I'd slipped on the water on the floor in the bathroom or in the living room or in my bedroom or in someone else's bedroom, a few times in last 26 years. However, banana peels carelessly thrown on the road or floor hasn't got me yet, so that is my proud moment when it comes to slipping.
Today morning while driving to office, only few hundred meters away from my office, I saw this long trail of something that darkened the road, from a distance. I suspected it was water and I thought like always I'd smoothly drive over the trail, no chances of any harm done. But I saw this bike at a short distance and the rider picking it up from the road. I thought it was a one time incidence, but then I realized I was wrong when I found myself lose control of my scooty.
All of a sudden my scooty started shaking and going out of balance. I applied brakes hoping to stop it in time before it loses its center of gravity and make me fall. Next second, before I could put my left foot down and break  my fall, I fell and broke my record of zero accidents on the road. And this time it was a very juvenile kind of accident. I'm glad I wasn't hurt, at all, but the losing control and going out of balance scared me for a while.
This other guy came from behind and helped me lift my scooty. I thanked him and mounted my scooty while I glanced behind me and saw him mount his bike, ready to leave. While I drove away, at 20 kmph, I could feel myself still shaking with the experience. After riding few meters, I stopped carefully, looked back and saw another bike skid on that patch of water or oil or some liquid mixture. I wanted to ask what it was, but I was so late for office that I just drove away, again slowly and carefully.