Earthquake... It happened to me!

I woke up at 9 a.m. on 26th Jan 2001, in my home, on my bed, in front of a switched off T.V.
I realized that I had missed the Republic Day ceremony and celebration at school. My mother taught in the same school I studied in, and she preferred that I sleep well rather than attend the Republic Day ceremony. I leisurely skipped being there, standing in queue among my classmates and schoolmates.
I switched on the T.V. and started surfing the channels. I stopped at star movies which was showing "Muppet Treasure Island". I started watching it from the moment the boy decides to board a ship with some uncle of his (I haven't read the book, so I can't recall the exact details). It becomes more interesting when the boy discovers that the sailors on that ship were pirates.
I almost forgot about my breakfast because I got interested in watching the movie. My sister got me breakfast at around, maybe 9:45 a.m. and asked me what I was watching. Yes she skipped the school as well!
She started watching the movie with me, though she didn't like it much.
There was a mild tremor and we lost the electricity supply. I heard the generator starting, and in a minute we had electricity again!
Suddenly, the whole house started shaking wildly, left and right, then up and down, then randomly. My sister started shouting at the top of her voice. I asked her to relax, but she started pulling my arm and insisted that I come outside the house. She reasoned with me that it was an earthquake. By the way, my sister is 5 years younger to me, but far more sensible. I refused to believe her, so she ran outside the house in panic, without me. I saw the ceiling fan swinging, oscillating like a pendulum, reaching higher amplitude (greater potential energy) with every next oscillation. I couldn't watch T.V. because there was no electricity at cable T.V. channel station. I suspected that it was the generator which was shaking the whole house and it was nothing to worry about!
At that moment, I saw the T.V. slowly shifting to the edge of the setting we had kept it on. Here, setting is a pile of trunks nicely covered with a sheet of cloth. I moved forward to stop the T.V. from falling when the earthquake stopped.
I pushed the T.V. back to the center of the setting, towards the wall. I checked the T.V. which was still disconnected, then went back to my bed and started having breakfast. I looked outside once in a while, saw the sun rays falling on the tall bushes acting as a fence of the garden and the trees in the garden of my house. It was sunny and bright, and the garden looked great.
I was frustrated because I could not see T.V. and the reason I always liked to stay back at home to watch lots of T.V. shows. My mother knew this.
I heard my sister, Ramvir and Tiwari bhaiya walking towards my bedroom. Ramvir and Tiwari bhaiya were Army Jawans (soldier) assigned as helpers to my father who is an Army officer in Indian Army, and my sister and I called them 'bhaiya' as a mark of respect. My sister was still crying! They asked me to immediately come outside and told me that my experience a few minutes ago was of an actual earthquake.
WoW!! I finally experienced an eArthQuaKe!! I was excited and refused to leave the room.

"It's all destiny", I said. This escalated their fear and increased their tension. They pleaded. I refused and resumed eating breakfast, but not for long. My sister was still weeping so I had to leave the house.
I sat outside, under the roof of my house, in front of garden. I tell them that it was sunny and I wanted to sit under the shade. Foolish me, I didn't think of the trees.
Finally I was sitting outside my house as everyone wanted.
A few friends met me in garden, after 10 minutes, and asked me to come out in the open space. I refused to do so until my mom came from school.
I don't know what had happened to me. I was behaving like a child, having this notion in my mind that staying inside the house is safe, that nothing bad would happen to me. Someone once told me after looking at lines on my palms that I'd live till the age of 80, so I was not afraid of death! My father later explained to me, after he returned from office, that even though I may not die, I might become a handicap or a 'challenged in some way' person, so it was better to be safe than to indulge in stupid daring which made no sense. Nothing significant happened after the 26th though, just a few mild tremors which I never felt.

I felt sorry for myself after my mother narrated everything that happened at school. Whole school were in the middle of its morning assembly when the earthquake came. Some people, lost balance and fell. Actually many people fell on the first big tremor. Some showed extreme emotions and reactions. Some started crying, which humored me, because being in the open, nothing could fall on them, except raindrops! I felt bad because I wanted to see other people's reactions and their faces, colorless and tensed, scared perhaps. It'd have been fun and a new kind of adventure! But I missed it! Damn!
For lunch, my mommy and other aunties went into their houses, as an act of bravery, and got everyone something to eat. Apparently neighbors shared some of the food.
I hanged out with kids, eldest of whom was three years junior to me! But he was a good company; we shared interests in video games and cartoons. I went to call Prateek, but he lived in another block of apartments, so had other arrangements for himself.
I again cursed myself after lunch when I realized I could have toured around the army cantonment area of the town, to check how people had planned to live outdoors for, at least a couple of days! But I didn't. I still feel I should have at least gone to 'Old Officers Colony' to see what people were doing during immediate post-earthquake period.. I lived in 'New Officers' Colony' and old and new refer to colony and not officers.

Then I thought of the town and the civil area and the only civilian I had acquaintance with came to my mind... never mind, I don't have to discuss anything about her here.

On my first night after the earthquake, I was made to sleep on the co-driver's seat in a car, wagon-R maybe. My feet were cold, but better than being in the open. I thought of the people who might have lost homes because of this mischief of nature, this imbalance in the earth. I was making fun of this whole earthquake thing the whole day, since it was a new experience to me, and now I felt sorry for the trouble and destruction it had caused. I got updates on news through a portable radio which Tiwari Bhaiya had. I felt that I was born lucky and was living lucky. My house was safe, no major crack, a few very minor ones. I had good food and was sleeping warmly (almost) in a car. The roof of the car won't fall even if the tremors came again, I thought and smiled. The car was standing in the open space. The 'open space' was a big playground kind of space which was between two rows of houses in 'New Officers' Colony'.

Days were generally pleasant, not very warm, but nights did get bit chilly.
Next day we spent some time inside the house. We used generator for limited time for electricity, but I could still not see T.V.. Nights were spent outside though. Next plan was to sleep in the garage, but I could see it was equally dangerous, even though running outside would be easier. The night after that we had 'Shamianas' fixed in the open space, to sleep in.

During these days, I started getting bored, so I took my novel (Short Stories of Sherlock Holmes) with me to the shamiana. My mother's friend asked me what I was reading and I had to stop. I showed her the book and when she looked away, I put it inside my blanket with me and slept. I like reading novels in peace, alone!

Till after a few days when some mild tremors could still be felt, some families got "Tents" fixed for themselves in the open space, my family included. My father was a Colonel in the Indian Army, so he could get it done for his family. I didn't like the idea of tents. I wanted to go home and sleep in my bedroom, on my bed, and I was not being childish here. The tents just didn't feel good. We slept in tent for two days after that. During daytime, I could see tents covering the whole open space during daytime and reminded me of those days of Scouts camp in Panchmari when tents were fixed for us and we students didn't get the experience of fixing tents on our own. I also felt disgusted at the waste of resources and the hype this earthquake got by people here. But at least I could read my novel in peace, in the tent!

The earthquake didn't really affect us, we were all safe and sound. Hardly any damage to the houses, at least not in the 'New Officers' Colony'. Four days had passed since the quake and people still were not willing to go back to their homes! I thought about the people who suffered in "Bhuj" and "Rann of Kachch" and felt sorry for them and disgusted about the 'tents'. I talked to my father about this and he said that it was for our own safety.

The good thing that happened was 'No School' for one week after the quake.
Then after we went to school, something more interesting happened!


Shikha said...

woww!! You did live through the earthquake ... I do remember mine too -- My father was sitting in his room and I and my brother were talking about our school in the adjoining room. Suddenly, my father came rushing in and shouted - move out .. go out ... there is an earthquake. I did not move but demanded - "where? where is it?" shaking my head around -- searching the room for some signs of it :D

It might have been milder in Punjab - but I think my father noticed it because the glass cupboard doors in his room had made a lot of noise because of the vibrations.

Abhishek said...

It was fun, the experience... I still feel sorry for the loss of others. :(
@Shikha: I would have teased you too. :D

Myself said...

Shikha, I'm surprised that you guys noticed the quake in Punjab. I was in Rajasthan and I had gone trekking up a hill. My parents were worried sick (mind you, there were no mobile phones in those days) that I might fall off a cliff or something, but trust me, I never knew about the quake till the time I came back home and my parents told me that there had been a quake and how worried they had been about me!

Anonymous said...

You narrated it very well.
But I feel sad too for the people.
I have a incident with the floods and how everyone in our apartments got together to help others.
This motivated me to write that.